Our customers are our best advertisers.  We strive at the start of each day to give each job that comes in the very best service and repair we can.  Below is feedback from some of our recent completed projects.

“Kate, you are ALL wonderful. Jim put new seats and springs into my “washer less” faucet knobs (who knew they didn’t have old-fashioned washers? not I!). Plus, a rewarding conversation about work, professional skills, and the mess the Internet is making of English usage. Worth his weight in gold. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jaqueline (Brighton, MA)

“Lots of peace of mind when calling them in to help!  My kitchen faucet sprang a leak, within a day they were out to assess it and assess where to look for a replacement.”

Seymour (Medfield, MA)

“Knowing who to rely on in a pinch is peace of mind that you can’t just get anywhere.  Thanks for helping when the flood waters came.  You knew just who to call to help fix the problem from a to z.  Not only did you replace the sump immediately, you called a cleanup company who was onsite same day to take care of the damage.”                                                 

Paul (Needham, MA)

“We have older fixtures that several walked away from saying we had to replace.  Mike came in and knew exactly what we needed, sourced it, picked it up and installed it within 24 hours.  What could be better?  Many thanks for friendly on-time, knowledgeable customer service.”   

Brian (Needham)

“Assessing a troubling noise and finding its source without opening walls and making a royal mess, priceless.”

Scott (Brookline, MA)

“Perfect combination of how knowledge and skill to install a second meter for irrigation without disrupting a finished basement.  Love these guys for their skill and abilities.   

Marian (Newton, MA)

“When your heat goes out in the middle of the night and you call to leave a message hoping to get service in the morning and within an hour a plumber is on your doorstep because its below freezing and pipes could start to burst, you know you made the right connection.”

Larry (Brookline, MA)

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