The boiler is the heart of your home.  In order to protect your piping systems and keep temperatures at an even keel, it needs to be properly sized, installed and maintained to give you the best possible service for the longest amount of time. As a first step, adequate sizing to properly heat registers, baseboard, radiators, and wall hung heaters is key.  

There is no one size fits all and what might work across the street at the neighbors’ house which is identical to yours might not be the best fit for your situation. In addition to changing failed circulators and zone valves, adjusting auto feeders and low water cutoffs and periodic maintenance on conventional boilers, we also have the capabilities to properly size your home and offer the best selection options to meet your needs.  

Some houses are heated with a forced hot water system. Others are heated with steam. The third, forced hot air is something we dabble in but often refer to our business partners in order to best suit our customers’ needs.  

Steam heat has been around since the 1700’s. Over the years, it’s been perfected and upgraded but is an even method of heating your home. We pride ourselves on the ability to work on and service these units. Forced Hot Water became popular as a replacement to steam systems back around the late 1930’s and into the 1940’s. This too is something we have extensive knowledge and operating experience with and can assist you with issues that arise and new installations when the time is right.

There are many different manufacturers of boilers and many different options from conventional cast iron to modern condensing high efficiency.  Both have their place and best installation circumstances. After evaluating your home, the needs of your family members and end goals, we present what we believe to be the best most economical choices for your property looking into the future. 

Types of Heating Services:

  • Expansion Tanks
  • Relief Valves
  • Air Vents
  • Zone Valves
  • Circulator Pump
  • Low Water Cutoff
  • Automatic Water Feeder
  • Vent hood
  • Spill Switches
  • Gas Valves
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Condensate Pumps
  • Flame Sensors & Ignitors

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