Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we’ve been asked frequently about our company. Please call with specific questions related to your project. We are happy to walk through projects and answer questions as they arise.

Yes. While we love what we do, we also like being at home with family. That said, no heat and water rushing down the street are two things that can’t be avoided and pending the season, can’t wait till a convenient time. There is a $100 fee for dispatching the job and then the hourly rate is time and a half plus materials. There is no set minimum for time.  

Typically, we cover about a 20 to 30-minute radius for drive time from Needham. Most of our work is focused in Brookline, Newton, Needham, and the surrounding towns. That said, we have customers as far north as Woburn and Reading, as far west as Framingham and Marlboro, South to Scituate and Marshfield and in parts of downtown Boston too.  

Yes, we do!  Water damage claims in a home are a huge hassle. We work efficiently to get the result solved – a failed sump pump replaced, a burst pipe isolated and repaired, a faulty fill valve swapped out – and have the partnership with a restoration company to help if damage was extensive or the flooding major. We can help each step of the way navigating the insurance business to help protect your biggest asset.

Our bread and butter is in the small repairs. That said, we also complete 5 to 7 new additions a year and enjoy the challenge of new construction building projects as well as specific kitchen or bathroom overhauls too.  

Yes, if we cut it out or alter a system, we cleanup after ourselves and remove any old piping.  If you’ve recently moved into a space after renovations that were completed but not cleaned up, we’ve got the team for that too. Call to chat through the details.

No. It is against our workers compensation policy to remove our boots. We do our best to keep boots and other footwear as clean as possible from one job to the next and on particularly messy sites or days when inclement weather is happening, we carry booties if we feel our boots are not in grandma-approved shape.

We broom sweep worksites and wipe down surfaces as best as possible. On larger sites, we are usually not the last ones in the door, so we leave the site in the same condition or better than we found it. 

Yes.  We have aligned ourselves with contractors who compliment what we install or demolish.  This includes General Contractors, Water Remediation, Electrical, Tile, Handymen, Appliance Repair, Dentists. You name it we can get you a connection for the work we don’t perform directly.

Yes, absolutely. We offer a 5% discount off our hourly service charge for both the Elderly and Veterans. 

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